The Dansko Professional Clog- A Modern Classic
Written by: Shari Levine

I am an avid clog wearer.  My closet is overflowing with the latest clog colors, textures and patterns.  I was not always so passionate about clogs.  My own clog history was sketchy and without much tradition. I first wore clogs in the late 1970’s when it was fashion rage for the Crosby Stills and Nash crowd that I hung out with.  I remember the cozy shop, located in Canarsie, Brooklyn- an unlikely place for the earthy type of footwear they sold. The shop was on a main drag, Flatlands and East 84th (I think), a few steps down from street level.  Once inside, you were transported to another place and time, far removed from the “Saturday Night Feverish" environment where I grew up. The décor had that light wood Scandinavian look, typical of many of the European comfort shoe shops around today.  I would say that this store was way ahead of its time.
Brands such as Olsen and Sven are two names that I remember, open back wood bottom, leather upper clogs that might be found in the Danish town of Solvang, California, not Canarsie., Brooklyn.  Since they were kind of pricey for a 16 year old, I was only allowed one pair.  Quite honestly, I did not find the wood bottoms too comfortable and did not pursue buying any more. The store closed soon after and here my story ends…

Or so it should have.

Fast forward 15 years and my husband, Jeff Levine,  then in the medical uniform business, tells me that all his customers are clamoring for these clogs from a company named Dansko.  “They are unbelievable” he tells me.  “That’s all the doctor’s and nurses wear.  They wear them in the OR in the emergency room, with patients, out to dinner……..”  blah, blah blah . This is all I heard for months.  At first he didn’t carry the Danskos , The first clogs he featured were Calzuros, clogs that were autoclavable for the OR (operating room).  He also carried various brands like Nursemates, and Plogs. But our business really took off when we opened an account with Dansko.  To give you an idea of what this was like for our local mom and pop shop, then called Uniform Discount Outlet, when I saw our first invoice for about 100 pairs of the Dansko  Professional , after picking myself off the floor, I called Dansko to make sure there wasn’t a mistake.  Well of course there was not mistake-just an unbelievably comfortable clog.
I have now joined the ranks of those who will only wear Danskos. I own Dansko sandals, Dansko open back clogs and closed back professionals, Dansko mary janes, and Dansko boots.  The Dansko Professional clog (my personal favorite closed back clog) along with the Ingrid and Sonja, are the most popular Dansko clogs sold by our company, <> to healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, culinary professionals, chefs, teachers and flight attendants.  Is it the polyeurothane bottom, the instep that makes me feel so bouncy and yes with the two inch heels, a little taller?  It doesn’t matter why.  I know that even if we did not sell them - I will never give up my Dansko professional clogs.